The “ALICO Building” Waco, Texas circa 1920




Small town city of Waco, Texas has only one skyscraper. It was built in 1910 and has survived a direct hit by the tornado of ’53. In this scene we see it standing tall, towering over the daily life people on their way to the bank or grocery store in their Ford Model Ts. You will notice that the building seems to curve gracefully like a Lilly of the Valley flower on a tall stem. This is because it was originally photographed using a glass optic lens. The lens was curved to capture more in one shot than could be viewed with a flat lens. This causes the building to look almost top heavy.

Today the building still towers over the city of Waco, it was given a facelift in the 60’s and all this wonderful decorative Greek Revival façade was covered up with marble. It even still belongs to the same company, the ALICO or Amicable Life Insurance Company.

Here is a picture of the Espresso brown wood frame that sets off the Pyrography perfectly.

2’ x 4’, $3300

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