Trio of Cowboys Pyrography on Baltic Birch wood.


Los Vaquero 25” x 30”, $875

In the city of Waco, Texas there stands a bronze memorial to the cowboys that rode the Chisholm Trail. Three cowboys on their horses and twenty three larger than life steers. These three cowboys represent the brave men who drove the cattle to market to feed a growing nation before the train tracks reached further than Kansas, Missouri.

“Trail Boss” 37” x 30”, $800

These three wood burns on Baltic Birch are based on those Bronze statues.  “Los Vaquero” wears his distinctive Spanish inspired Tapaderos. These leather coverings protected his feet in the stirrups from brush and the noise they made helped drive the cattle.

The “Trail Boss” looks off into the strong sun to determine how much further the herd needs to drive today before they can be rested.   His trusted horse is sure footed and strong, knowing when to move and when to wait. Their lives and the lives of the men he leads as well as the cattle they drive are all in his hands. He wipes his brow with the handkerchief around his neck and keeps his Bowie knife close at hand and his rifle in his scabbard. The tough leather chaps he wears protect his legs and the horse’s sides from the thorny mesquite trees along the trail.

  “Tall in the Saddle” 29” x 29”, $815

Our trio is rounded out by “Tall in the Saddle” with his sheep skin chaps and turned up  hat brim.  Each one carries a rifle under his saddle to meet the many dangers on the wild prairies. Marsha chose this angle looking up from his stirrup because it made her feel like a kid again. As a child her mother took her to the annual Rodeo parade to watch the Parker County Posse ride down the street on their big horses. As a child they always seemed larger than life. Exactly as these bronze statues in Waco made her feel.  


Each is framed in a simple wooden frame with gallery wire hanging system. Discount will be considered if purchased together.