"Great Buffalo Migration" Pyrography on leather

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Marsha’s Pyrography will be on display opening April 7th to the end of the month.


The Klamath Art Gallery is located on historic Maple Park at 120 Riverside Drive, at the south end of the Link River “birding trail.” Regular gallery hours of operation are Wednesday through Mondays, noon to 4 pm. We are closed the last week of each month (Tuesday through Saturday) for exhibit change outs. For additional information about the Klamath Art Association and Gallery you can phone us at 541-883-1833 during open hours or E-mail us at klamathartassoc@aol.com.


From Fire to Fine Art

Like a Phoenix rising from the flames even more beautiful than before, the art of wood burning by Marsha uses the medium of fire and the skill of an artistic hand to form a beautiful masterpiece, suitable for the most discriminating taste, elegant home, or distinguished office.


Are you intrigued by the unique beauty of pyrography art? Look no further than Marsha Wilson for both instruction and purchase. Marsha offers one of a kind, master pieces of Pyrography art for sale.


If you’re interested in learning the art of Pyrography, there’s no better teacher than Marsha Wilson. With over 15 years of experience, Marsha is a skilled artist who has mastered the art of wood burning. She offers online lessons along with personal classes that cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced artists. You can learn at your own pace and receive personalized feedback and guidance from Marsha herself.


With Marsha Wilson as your teacher and guide, you can learn the techniques and skills needed to create stunning wood burning designs. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist, Marsha has something to offer. So why not give pyrography a try and discover a new world of creativity and beauty?




  • NO LASERS or computers used in the process of making my art.
  • All images have a watermark. Some stand out more than others.


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