Commissions Open

Commission Marsha to make a special piece of art for you.


Price Structure at a Glance:

Pyrography on Wood

Burning on Wood: $2.15 per square inch,  starting at $350. Unless otherwise

requested the wood will be Baltic Birch 1/4″ plywood, or thicker. 

Pyrography on leather

Burning on Leather: $2.50 per square inch, starting at $375.  All leather used is Vegetable Tanned Cowhide.

Burning on Paper: $2.85 per square inch, starting at $400. Paper takes the most time.

Pyrography on paper

Additionally: For any piece an additional .15 cents per square inch will be added extra to burn the background to solid dark burn.

Burning on Bone: Only available for commission if you supply the bone/skull etc. 

Pyrography on bone
one bull skull with the horns attached.  Tell me what you want burned on it. Starting at $500

Please use the form below to send details of your project.

STEP ONE:  Choose your picture of reference, the better the reference, the better the finished art will be. Choose a high quality photo with good resolution and not a thumbnail, larger than 2000 pixels if possible.

STEP TWO: Choose Wood, Paper, Leather or Bone. All can be framed (except some bones) and each one can be made to look modern or rustic. The frames are up to you to purchase once the Art has been delivered. However, you can make arrangements with Marsha to do the framing, please include details in the form below.

STEP THREE: Choose the size you would like your piece to be made.  Some common frame sizes are 8.5×11 (basically the size of a sheet of notebook paper), 8.5×14 (legal paper), 12×12 (square, which is good if you are not sure if the subject would look better in landscape or portrait orientation), 16×20, and 24×36 (2 foot x 3 foot).  The best way to determine size is to picture where you want the final piece of art to reside and place other things there to determine how large your art can fit. Remember to leave room for the frame unless you want it to be without a frame.

STEP FOUR:  Complete the form below and Marsha will contact you, she will go over all these steps with you.  A 50% deposit is accepted in the beginning and the remainder due upon completion and proof of post. A PayPal invoice can be emailed to you, or a check in the snail mail works also.


Start here and use this form to begin your commission.


If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to reach out and call direct at 817-243-6008.

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