Bass Performance Hall Angel, Fort Worth, Texas

“Bass Performance Hall Angel”

The Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas is known for its world-class performances, but it also boasts a stunning piece of artwork that’s worth visiting on its own: the Bass Performance Hall Angels. These beautiful sculptures, created by artist Marton Varo, are simply breathtaking to behold.


Marsha Wilson has given The Bass Performance Hall Angel statues a stunning new look through the ancient art of pyrography on leather. The intricate designs etched into the leather create a beautiful contrast from the Limestone sculptures, adding a new dimension to the beloved landmark.


Hand burned on vegetable tanned cow hide leather, 20″ x 33″. Framed in a very dark brown floating frame.

With billowing robes, wings outstretched, and blaring trumpet the angel comes to call the people together and make her announcement. This dramatic scene is meticulously burned into vegetable tanned cowhide leather. The various tones are created by applying more or less heat, spending more time or moving faster. 

The bricks of the building behind the angel are embossed into the leather without any color whatsoever, so the angel can have center stage. The original scene is on the Bass Performance Hall building in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Pyrography is the art of burning images onto a surface. Originally with a heated poker so it was called Poker Work.


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