Gallery of Pyrography on Bone

Marsha’s very first time to burn on bone.

This “Fantasy War Club” features two cowboys roping a bear borrowed from Fredrick Remington’s iconic Western piece. Burned onto the rib bone of a cow found and brought to Marsha by a friendly dog in the mountains of CA. She then covered the handle with leather and added a counterbalance of wrapped leather thong. 

When Marsha got ready to use the rib bone, she soaked it for a couple of days in household Peroxide to whiten it and kill any germs that might be lingering. Then she used sand paper and a vibrating sander to sand away most of the scratches left by the dog having chewed on it. She also used the sander and various files to create the teeth on the business end. 

Then she used her Ultima Dual One machine on almost highest setting and the smallest tip to burn the image onto the surface of the rib bone. The bone is so dense the heated metal tip had to be almost glowing red hot to leave any mark on its surface.

Galaxy Host