Buffalo on Buffalo



A Buffalo on Buffalo hide leather

Pyrography on  by leather by Marsha Wilson. Hand burned on American buffalo hide leather with a handheld wood burning machine.

While Marsha was burning on the  “Great Migration” piece at an Art Festival in Brookings, OR, a very friendly lady approached her. “I have a piece of buffalo hide leather in my closet, would you like it?”  Marsha replied, “Yes, sure! How much would you take for it.?”

“Oh, nothing, I want to give it to you if you will use it.”

“I would love to try burning on some buffalo hide!”

And that is how the Buffalo on buffalo hide came into being. The white and light tan highlights are made by using oil pastels.  



Framed by stretching it on Juniper branches using strips of dark brown leather, measures 4′ x 4′.    $6400


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