Sanborn Title Pages Series

The Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps are well-known for their detailed and accurate depictions of city streets, buildings, and infrastructure. However, these maps also contain a hidden gem of artistic beauty: the title pages. These pages, often overlooked, are true masterpieces of design and illustration. Marsha Wilson – Jonson has captured the artistry of Sanborn Title Pages in her spectacular pyrography prints. 

Dallas 1899

43″ x 35″, $2075  

Founded in 1867 by D. A. Sanborn, the Sanborn Map Company first gained recognition for creating richly detailed fire insurance maps – maps that are so full of valuable information that they are still widely used today.



Fort Worth 1910

36″ x 31″, $775    

Rich with valuable and detailed information, Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps – originally created as a product to help insurance companies assess the potential risks involved in underwriting policies – have developed into a tool with myriad uses for multiple industries.


San Antonio 1896

30′ x 37″, $675    

The Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps were published in books aimed at one City at a time. For the largest, most populous cities they made the fanciest title pages.


Houston 1896

32” x 41”, framed $2275     

Marsha was living in Waco when she found the Sanborn maps online and actually found the house she was living in on the maps dated 1926.


Waco 1926

20″ x 24″, $615    

She fell in love with the antique fonts and designs used in their title pages and has created this series burned on matt board paper.


San Francisco 1899

36” x 24″, $1800   

San Francisco was the first city outside of Texas Marsha chose to recreate. Presently she is working on a second San Francisco design, when she is not working on commissions.


Professionally framed in floating frame style, this Sanborn Series make a stunning display.  

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