Gallery of Pyrography on Leather

All these pieces are Pyrography on vegetable tanned cow or buffalo hide leather.

An old wrinkled leather map? Could a dragon's keep of jewels and treasure be hidden at the end of the map? Maybe! The map portion and the title are written in Old Celtic. The shoreline of the country looks familiar. But beware the dragon "Percival" might only be sleeping and if you get too close you may end up like the knight on his horse in the D of the title at the bottom.

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Marsha used only vegetable tanned cowhide leather to produce her incredible pieces of art. Until a friendly visitor at an Art Festival gave her a piece of bison or buffalo leather. The single bull buffalo is burned on that piece of buffalo leather. Now she is hooked and has found a source for tanned buffalo hides. Stay tuned for many more pieces burned on this rich and historical material.
The Ranch’s original brand and the original cow # brand can be seen on the “Great Migration” piece.

After the image has been burned by hand with a handheld wood burner the leather is then conditioned with a mixture of bee’s wax and coconut oil.